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Wellness Representative Spotlight: Meet Christopher Gulledge

Posted by Team WCS on 01.22.2018

Christopher Gulledge has a process when it comes to leading successful screening events—and that process begins long before the actual event gets started. “I always start by familiarizing myself with the client and what they do so I have a good understanding of where I’m going and what I’m doing and what kind of population we’re working with,” Christopher said. He went on to explain that he then reaches out to the site contact five business days before the event to check in on all the details and any special instructions he might need to know about. Then he spends the days leading up to the event consistently communicating with the other wellness representatives on the schedule.

Christopher is one of the star wellness representatives who collaborate with us at Wellness Corporate Solutions. In his role as an event lead, he is responsible for making sure that workplace biometric screening events run smoothly and accomplish their primary purpose: supporting employees’ health. Our event leads are true partners in making sure that each event meets the highest standard.

Christopher takes particular pride in the steps he takes on the day of the event. The morning of the events, he arrives early—often in the dark—to make sure that the location is fully equipped and set up for the event. When all of the screeners arrive, he talks to each of them and has them run test screenings—just to make sure they are fully comfortable. Although each of the individual screeners have to meet a strict set of standards before WCS staffs them on event, Christopher goes the extra mile to double check that he is fully aware of everyone’s skillset. This step also makes each individual screener feel confident about the upcoming event.

Christopher Gulledge wellness representative

Christopher Gulledge brings passion and commitment to his role as an event lead for WCS—helping employees get the information they need to take charge of their health.

While the event unfolds, Christopher makes himself available throughout the room to answer questions and make sure everything is running smoothly. He also sets up his own station in case he needs to jump in and complete a few screenings to prevent backlog.

One of our favorite stories Christopher shared was the time he supported a woman who was there to receive her flu shot. She was incredibly nervous about the shot and Christopher could spot her growing more and more anxious from across the room. He walked over to the station where she was receiving the shot and began asking her questions about her grandchildren. She started responding to his questions, and by the time she said, Wait, I’m still not ready for the shot, it was already over. She could not believe that while Christopher was gently distracting her, the vaccination process had been completed so painlessly.

All in all, Christopher takes on a lot of responsibility. But along with that responsibility, wellness representatives like Christopher get to have a direct impact on employees’ lives. He told us that one of his favorite parts of the job is seeing some of the same employees year after year and hearing their stories about lifestyle changes they’ve made to improve their numbers.

We’re also grateful that Christopher takes advantage of our own high-touch team in the WCS office—he named that building relationships with our program managers has been one of the best parts of joining our team. And at the end of the day, what we appreciate most is Christopher’s philosophy about this work and why he does it: “I’ve always been very passionate about healthy lifestyle education for patients,” he said. “I love the fact that we’re focused on actually helping people and making a difference.”

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