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Wellness Champions: Critical to Program Success

Posted by Team WCS on 05.22.2017

wellness champions“Top-down leadership” is a buzzword in HR and employee wellness, and for good reason. When the CEO is involved, others tend to follow. You need the buy-in of company leadership for any program to be successful.

In large organizations, however, it’s important to have grass-roots buy-in to encourage participation at all levels. We’ve found that a hybrid approach (top-down/grass-roots) is the best way to maximize engagement.

The Importance of Wellness Champions

A key part of the grass-roots strategy is the recruitment, retention, and recognition of wellness champions. Champions are motivated individuals who have a passion for well-being and their fellow employees and support the wellness program.

Once we’ve recruited a core group of wellness champions, we provide them with comprehensive training. Our champion toolkit is filled with turn-key activities that champions can run on their own. We also invite them to our interactive online hub, where they can share ideas and successes with each other. Champions who go above and beyond are recognized with awards from leadership.

In our experience, this combined approach—providing training and resources, but also plenty of autonomy—is ideal. It empowers wellness champions to do what they do best: leading and encouraging their fellow employees.

If you’d like to learn more about our comprehensive, wellness champion program, drop us a line!

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