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How Wellness Challenges Create Health Behavior Change

Posted by Team WCS on 09.20.2017

Over the years our clients have shifted wellness strategies in order to continue to engage associates and motivate them to make lasting health behavior changes. As we look back at our employer strategies, one thing remains constant – our clients love to host wellness challenges.

No matter the company, employees enjoy engaging in competition. When you pit one team, group or department against another, employees will rise to the occasion. We’ve seen all kinds of clients motivated by our challenges – from law offices to medical centers to construction firms, and some employees make incredible improvements in their health. Here’s why we think you should add healthy competition into your overall employee well-being and engagement strategy.

  1. It’s easier to be accountable to others. When an individual is trying to improve his or her health, having some accountability increases the likelihood of success. During a challenge, employees are responsible to their teammates, invariably improving their motivational mindset. You’re more likely to go that extra half mile knowing that your steps add up to your team’s total for the week.
  2. Many people are data-driven. By asking your employees to track minutes of exercise, steps or ounces of water, employees become more aware of their health status. Being metric-driven will help employees to understand their baseline health and make improvements over time.
  3. Recognition works as a powerful motivator. Some of our most successful clients use recognition as a simple incentive. Teams that walk the most, collect the most points or have the most engagement receive the recognition that elicits pride in one another.

Hosting a challenge can be a fun and easy way to engage your employees in health programs. One of our clients recently hosted our Race the Globe Steps Challenge at their workplace. Check out what one of the participants had to say after the challenge concluded:

“Thank you for putting this challenge together. For the first time, I met my daily 10K step goal beyond a week. Kudos to all who took part. I hope you feel as good as I do!”

Our Full Circle Program Managers can help you host a challenge at your worksite. Contact us today to learn about our challenge library with more than 30 turn-key wellness challenges and campaigns.

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