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WCS vs. Other Screening Vendors: Part 4

Posted by Team WCS on 02.11.2019

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing what to look for when searching for a best-in-class biometric screening provider. It’s based on this checklist, which shows how WCS compares to many other vendors in the marketplace.

Part 1 was all about stability. WCS is financially secure and here for the long haul. Part 2 focused on performance—how the participant experience guides everything we do. Part 3 highlighted the importance of top-notch program management.

Today’s topic is staffing: how we recruit the best people and ensure success at every event.

The first point to make about our on-site staff is that they’re not just “staff”—they’re our employees.

WCS never uses staffing agencies. In fact, we were the very first wellness vendor to give its screening staff full W-2 status.

To build the best on-site network in the industry, we knew we needed to invest in the long term. That’s why we wanted our Wellness Representatives to enjoy the benefits of being a WCS’er: ongoing training, special incentive programs, access to our in-house wellness program, and much more.

The second thing that makes our approach to staffing unique is the staffing model itself. At every event, you’ll find a Registration Coordinator to handle the check-in process, as well as a non-screening Event Lead to manage the event. These roles are standard—no additional fees.

Some screening companies not only don’t provide a Registration Coordinator, but they ask their clients to perform this role. (Really!) Our Registration Coordinators are trained to handle walk-ins, adhere to the event schedule, manage paperwork, and perform a host of tasks that keep things running smoothly.

Our non-screening Event Leads are also crucial. They supervise staff, keep the Program Manager updated, and coordinate with client contacts—tasks that are nearly impossible if you’re also trying to perform screenings. Although Event Leads can step in and perform screenings in a pinch, that’s not their primary role. They’re there to lead.

When it comes to staffing, quality control doesn’t stop there. WCS’s proprietary tablet technology, ScreenSmart, lets every participant rate their experience. Low ratings, or above-average wait times, trigger an alert to the Program Manager—allowing them to take immediate corrective action.

In addition to feedback from participants, Wellness Representatives also rate each other after every event. We use all this data to create a performance ranking for each staff member: high-performers get special perks—and the rare exceptions are removed from our network.

As you can see, we’re serious about staffing. In the next and final part of this series, we’ll talk about another serious topic: logistics. You’ll learn how we manage to get supplies to and from thousands of events each year—with an accuracy rate so high it may as well be perfect (99.994%). Stay tuned!

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