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WCS vs. Other Screening Vendors: Part 3

Posted by Team WCS on 01.23.2019

We’ve reached the midpoint of our series on what to look for when searching for a biometric screening provider. It’s based on this checklist, which shows how WCS compares to many other vendors in the marketplace.

Part 1 of our series focused on stability. We showed that WCS is financially secure and here for the long haul. In Part 2, we talked about performance: our participant-centered philosophy and general commitment to excellence.

Today, we’re talking about the people who make it all possible: our Program Managers.

The first thing that distinguishes WCS from other screening vendors is that we assign a dedicated Program Manager to every client. Your Program Manager acts as a single point of contact, guiding the entire process from start to finish.

Some wellness vendors have separate teams for implementation and launch, but we find that approach to be disjointed—not to mention error prone. We think it’s far better to keep a consistent program management team.

We’ve also heard that some vendors give their clients multiple internal contacts: one person for data management, one person for customer service, and so on. At WCS, Program Managers coordinate with internal teams (Logistics, Health Informatics, Creative Services, Talent Acquisition) on your behalf. It just makes life simpler.

Perhaps most importantly, our Program Managers are all health and wellness experts with extensive employee wellness experience. Much more than account managers, they’re true wellness consultants who care deeply about the work they do. That’s why so many of our clients insist on working with the same Program Manager year after year.

(To learn more about how WCS Program Managers go the extra mile, check out this brief case study.)

In Part 4 of this series, we’ll talk about our amazing on-site staff, and everything they do to make every screening event go smoothly. Stay tuned!

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