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WCS vs. Other Screening Vendors: Part 2

Posted by Team WCS on 01.16.2019

Last fall, we shared a checklist that lays out how WCS compares to other biometric screening vendors. This is really important because some companies think of screenings as a commodity—a service that any vendor can do equally well. As you can see, nothing could be further from the truth. WCS outshines the competition in every category: stability, performance, program management, staffing, and logistics.

Part 1 of this series discussed stability. While other screening companies are experiencing bankruptcies and disruptive mergers, we are proud to be financially secure and privately-owned. Our clients know we’ll be here for them this year, next year, and beyond.

Today, we’re focusing on performance.

Many of our current screening clients have also worked with our competitors. They tell us about the bad experiences they’ve had—long wait times, chaotic events, unprofessional staff—and are so pleased that WCS is different.

Since we opened our doors in 2004, the participant experience has driven everything we do. It’s why our Program Managers take the time to learn each client’s population, and why our implementation process is so thorough. We customize our processes to suit the client’s needs—not the other way around.

We’re also serious about measuring our performance. Every participant receives a post-event survey, either electronically or on paper. At fingerstick screenings where our ScreenSmart tablets are standard, participants use the tablet to rate our staff on a five-point scale. We monitor those ratings—along with wait times, screening duration, and a host of other metrics—in real time, during the event itself. If there’s an issue, we’re on it.

(In case you’re wondering, our overall satisfaction rate from those post-event surveys is 98%. And the staff rating? 4.94 out of 5.)

In Part 3 of this series, we’ll talk about the folks who make all this possible: our Program Managers. They’re so dedicated and inspiring, and I can’t wait to tell you more. Stay tuned!

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