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WCS Upgrades Portal Experience With WellConnect Plus

Posted by Team WCS on 05.14.2018

BETHESDA, Md., May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), the award-winning provider of employee wellness programs, is launching WellConnect Plus, an upgraded wellness portal for 2018.

Wellness programs rely on high participation and engagement rates to succeed: WCS upgraded WellConnect Plus to double down on the participant experience, making it easy and rewarding to take advantage of screenings, flu shots, and health coaching.

“WellConnect Plus is an extension of our commitment to technology and innovation,” said Emily Kolakowski, President and Chief Operating Officer. “After over a decade of implementing strategic, high-touch wellness services for employees, we’ve incorporated client and participant feedback to develop the most intuitive portal experience yet.”

These enhancements are part of WCS’s ongoing mission to bring wellness to every workplace—no matter the size, industry, or unique setup of the employee population. WellConnect Plus reflects that approach: A dynamic dashboard presents employees with the exact services they are eligible for, tailoring the portal to their specific experience.

As employers offer more and more sophisticated programs, different options are available for employees based on their location—for example, employees at headquarters can schedule an on-site screening appointment while remote employees download a pre-populated form to complete the screening at their doctor’s office or LabCorp location. (These participants can even electronically upload the form right back to the portal for processing.)

The portal also streamlines access to data: Participants can view their screening results from all appointments, including their year over year trends, with indicators about their risk status so they can put their numbers in context. Secure, 24/7 messaging with health coaches means that employees don’t have to wait for their appointment time to ask a question—they can receive guidance on-demand. WellConnect Plus makes the process of selecting the coach they want to work with and building a relationship with that person easier than ever.

WCS believes in customizing its own technology products because high-impact wellness programs rely on a unique combination of smart data analysis, clear communications, and secure resources. In this case, a team including people with advanced degrees in health, program management experience, and product development collaborated to create this comprehensive upgrade.

“Our expertise in health informatics, data security, and the employee user experience informed the entire development process,” said Jared Rice, Vice President of Technology. “We’re thrilled to offer our clients and partners an upgrade that will advance their big picture health and wellness goals for employees.”

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