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Why Walking at Work Boosts Productivity

Posted by Matthew on 08.18.2017

walking at work

Before we moved to our current headquarters, the WCS office was near a residential neighborhood with quiet streets—perfect for a quick walk. Walking at work quickly became part of our culture.

Today, our office has several treadmill desks, and they’re always in use. It’s one of the many ways we try to support a healthy work environment.

Walking at work makes employees more productive

Treadmill desks are great because you can walk and work at the same time. But even if you’re disconnected, movement boosts productivity because it helps you clear your mind and return to work refreshed.

Juliet Rodman, our co-founder and Chief Wellness Officer, strives for 10,000 steps a day (and usually exceeds it). She says walking at work makes her feel more energized.

Walking at works helps employees meet their fitness goals

Why 10,000 steps? Current fitness guidelines for adults recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (i.e., brisk walking) every week. 10,000 steps a day gets you close to this benchmark. Encouraging employees to walk at work makes it easier for them to reach their own fitness goals.

What can you do?

Your office may not have a treadmill desk, but there are other ways to encourage walking at work. Invite your employees to bring comfortable shoes to work. Take walking meetings. Post nearby walking routes. If you need help, drop us a line. We help companies of every shape and size find creative wellness solutions for their employees.