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Digital Health is Trending at Apple—Why We’re Paying Attention

Posted by Team WCS on 06.05.2018

As technology advances, so does the chatter about how we stay grounded and maintain our health when it comes to screen time and internet addiction. This week, Apple unveiled a new initiative: Digital Health, a set of tools to help people understand their digital habits.

It might sound counter-intuitive for Apple to join the conversation about how people can reduce or adjust their smartphone, tablet, and computer time. But if Apple wants iPhones and other devices to be sustainable for people, it makes sense to help users increase awareness of their habits.

We understand this approach because sustainable behavior change is a core part of our approach to employee wellness. That’s why we built our health coaching program around a 360 degree approach. Our health coaches go beyond conversations about eating and exercise and help employees consider the full picture of their health. In fact, a WCS health coach might provide tips on cutting down screen time before bed to help with sleep, or encourage a participant to consider how digital habits might affect stress levels. 360 degree approach health coaching

We also appreciate Apple’s Digital Health initiative because data is powerful when it comes to engaging people around their health. That’s why screenings are a core part of our business—if employees don’t know their numbers, it’s hard to know what risk factors they need to address. It’s also why we built an upgraded wellness portal that makes it easier than ever for employees to access their screening results and have always prioritized instant, secure data transfer and sophisticated reporting.

We’re always excited to keep track of the intersection between technology and wellness. Technology has powered some of our own most exciting capabilities—from deepening engagement through our custom Champion Hub to monitoring screening appointment wait times in real-time.

Would you use Apple’s new Digital Health tools? Let us know in the comments!

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