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The WCS Difference: Superior Biometric Screening Staff

Posted by Team WCS on 01.18.2019

On-site biometric screenings are designed to be quick and easy. The entire process, from registration to screening to health education, takes just minutes.

Because participants are with us for such a short time, every interaction counts. That’s why our Talent Acquisition team works hard to deliver superior staff at every event.

Here’s how we do it.

W-2 Employees, Not Subcontractors

Many vendors use subcontractors to staff their screening events—or even worse, third-party staffing agencies. At WCS, 100% of our screening staff are W-2 employees.

Why is this important?

  • As W-2 employees, our staff are truly invested in the work we do.
  • Access to our company wellness portal, as well as outreach through weekly newsletters and other enrichment activities, make our staff feel like part of the WCS team

Non-Screening Event Leads

Screening events are successful when they’re well-managed. That’s why our Event Leads are so important.

Some vendors offer “lead screeners” who are supposed to manage the event and screen participants at the same time. Not so at WCS.

Our Event Leads are dedicated to supervising staff, ensuring the security of PHI, communicating with the WCS Program Manager, working with the site contact, and managing event flow. Although they are highly-capable screeners, Event Leads are focused on making your event run smoothly. They aren’t part of the screening staffing model.

Rigorous Standards

When we consider a new screening applicant, the first step is a 45-minute interview with a member of the Talent Acquisition team. We’re evaluating experience and qualifications, as well as overall demeanor and professionalism.

In addition to completing a successful interview, all biometric screeners must have a medical background and be certified to use Cholestech testing equipment. They must also be able to pass a drug test.

Comprehensive Training

We manage screening events in all 50 states—which means our staff are also across the country.

To deliver consistent training, we developed an online training platform that we call Well U. During the onboarding process, staff complete training modules specific to their role. The Talent Acquisition team tracks completion and comprehension.

When client-specific training is called for, the Talent Acquisition team works with the Program Manager to build additional modules for individuals attending certain events.

Quality Control

Peer-to-Peer Rating

The latest version of ScreenSmart, our proprietary tablet technology for data management, gives participants the opportunity to rate their screening experience (1-5 stars). Our average rating last year was 4.94.

Ratings become part of each staff member’s permanent profile. Individuals who fail to meet our ratings standards are ineligible to work with us. These ratings also place staff into tiers: those with the highest ratings are given priority as we staff future events.

Real-Time Performance Stats

One of the most powerful features of ScreenSmart is the ability to track screeners’ performance in real time, during each event. If we notice an issue—screenings are behind schedule, or participant ratings are falling short—we reach out to the Event Lead to take corrective action.

Standby Staff for Every Event

Staffing shortfalls can be extremely disruptive, so WCS works to minimize the risk. Event Leads can step in at a moment’s notice and perform screenings, but we also allow nearby Wellness Representatives to sign up for standby shifts. If a screener calls in sick or has an emergency, the Talent Acquisition team has a list of potential staff to fill the gap.


It’s hard to overstate the importance of quality staff at a biometric screening event. That’s why we’ve built a nationwide network of highly-trained health professionals who work to make every event a success.

Contact us today to learn more about our high-touch approach to biometric screenings.

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