Corporate wellness insights

The Value of a Corporate Wellness Consultant

Posted by Fiona on 09.04.2007

If you and/or your organization are just learning about workplace wellness, one of the best ways to get started is to hire a corporate wellness consultant. A wellness consultant has the expertise to help an organization realize:

  • Goals and objectives of their wellness program
  • How it will contribute to organizational success
  • A clear budget and time line
  • Measurable outcomes

Research consistently demonstrates that healthy employees are absent less often, have higher morale, are more productive, and have lower health care costs – resulting in a better bottom line for the business and a higher level of customer satisfaction. Investing in employee health is the best way to practice preventative medicine and care for your most important assessts – your employees! By utilizing an experienced wellness professional, a company can obtain a suggested plan of action that will maximize participation and completion rates for their companies needs.