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How Exercise Can Make You Smarter

Posted by Matthew Benton on 09.01.2017

benefits of exerciseWhen we talk about the benefits of exercise, especially in the context of biometric screenings and coaching, we usually focus on things like cardiovascular health and weight loss.

Most people know that regular exercise helps reduce the risk of developing a number of chronic diseases, but it can do much more.

Exercise supports brain health

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that participants with more heart-healthy habits at the beginning of the study showed stronger brain processing speed. Cognitive function also declined more slowly in these individuals over the six-year study.

Exercise can help improve memory

Another study tested the effects of exercise on memory in a group of sedentary college students. After taking a memory test, one group of participants rode a stationary bike to the point of exhaustion while the control group did nothing. When the memory test was repeated, the students who had exercised scored significantly better.

For years, Juliet Rodman (our Chief Wellness Officer and co-founder) has led Tabata sessions in our office during the workday. She says it helps her drive off the shpilkes. Maybe it’s also making us smarter!

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