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Telecommuting Benefits Workers and Employers

Posted by Matthew on 03.03.2017

telecommuting We’ve written a lot lately about the growing trend of telecommuting. Employees are looking to balance their personal and professional lives, and more and more employers are offering flexible work schedules and the option to work from home. (It’s one of the many benefits of working at WCS, I might add!)

A new study, highlighted on, says working remotely is beneficial to both the remote employee and the employer.

Remote-Employee Benefits

Telecommuting delivers both financial- and health-related benefits to remote workers.

Respondents indicated a financial advantage in working remotely, with the largest group of remote workers (30%) reporting savings of as much as $5,240 per year. Remote employees also reported improved health and well-being metrics. For example, compared to other employees, remote workers:

  • Get more sleep (45 percent)
  • Eat healthier (42 percent)
  • Get more physical exercise (35 percent)

Overall, 44% have a more positive attitude and 53% report reduced stress. 51% spend more time with their significant others, adding to greater job satisfaction.

Employer Benefits

Remote workers aren’t just happier and healthier—they also provide strong results to their employers. Of the 39% who work remotely at least a few times a month:

  • 77% report greater productivity while working off-site
  • 30% accomplish more in less time, while 24% accomplish more in the same amount of time
  • 23% are even willing to work longer hours than they normally would on-site to accomplish more

While every company can’t offer telecommuting, those that can should consider the advantages. The money you save in office space alone could make it worthwhile. But if you still aren’t convinced, another study shows remote workers are 50% less likely to quit!