and Analytics

We built these technology products from the ground up to serve our clients at the highest level:

Dynamic Participant Portal

WellConnect Plus is a secure website that lets screening participants schedule and manage their appointments, download pre-populated vouchers and other forms, view their screening results in real time, and much more. The site is fully customized to fit your screening campaign and communications strategy.

Powerful Tablet Technology

WCS was the first screening provider to develop tablet technology. ScreenSmart, our third-generation tablet solution, transmits data in real time over a secure SSL connection. Multiple built-in safeguards ensure accuracy. ScreenSmart also monitors wait times, staff performance, and other critical metrics during each event.

On-Demand Analytics

Your program analytics should be accessible, transparent, and actionable. That's why we offer WCS Analytics, a Tableau-powered platform that provides HIPAA-secure metrics in real-time. Custom reports, aggregate results, participation numbers, satisfaction data, and a variety of other statistics are available 24-7.