Technology and Analytics

Our Approach

Technology goes a long way in our business, and successful wellness programs are driven by data—that’s why we focus on cutting-edge innovations and customized health portals to help our clients meet ambitious goals. Our core in-house technology solutions are WellConnect Plus, ScreenSMART, and WCS Analytics—but technology and data are part of everything we do, and go far beyond the platforms themselves.

Every client or partner works with a dedicated member of the Health Informatics team. Your Data Manager is there from the beginning of the planning process to ensure all your data and reporting needs are met. We bring the same human touch to our technology that we do to the rest of our work.

Our technology solutions are always focused on providing a better, easier, more fulfilling experience for participants—and on helping our clients understand exactly what kind of value their wellness program is providing.

Upgraded: WellConnect Plus

We're proud to introduce WellConnect Plus, our upgraded portal that makes it easier than ever for participants to take full advantage of the on-site and off-site wellness services available to them.

Enhancing the Participant Experience

We know that a streamlined participant experience drives engagement—so we made sure to design the most intuitive portal yet for screenings and health coaching. Discover new capabilities with WellConnect Plus.

First Class Reporting: Analytics Plus

Your program analytics should be accessible, transparent, and actionable. That's why we offer WCS Analytics, a platform that provides HIPPAA-secure metrics in real-time.

On-Demand Analytics

Don't wait for a quarterly report to access insights about your wellness program. From your population's health risk to satisfaction data, stay on top of your program's impact in real-time.

Seamless Screenings: ScreenSMART 3.0

We lead the industry when it comes to screening tablet technology. ScreenSmart drives efficiency and quality control at all of our screening events.

Smart, Fast Data

ScreenSmart not only ensures instant, secure transfer of screening data—it also provides critical, real-time feedback that allows our staff to monitor participant wait times and staff performance.

Discover our Technology Solutions

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Innovation at WCS

Going Above and Beyond

Our goal isn't to be up-to-date—it's to be ahead of the curve. We take pride in anticipating our clients' goals and challenges, and making sure we have a technology solution that fits their needs.

Human-Centered Approach

We're never going to be a hands-off vendor that automates your wellness program because the human touch and commitment to flexibility is in our DNA. We believe technology should maximize program efficiency and that analytics should drive program strategy—so that we can spend more time designing and implementing custom solutions.

In-House Dedication

We don't outsource innovation. When we begin developing a new technology product, we involve members across the WCS team—from the program managers who are in constant contact with our clients to our data specialists who live and breathe analytics. We're proud of our technology track record, and our habits of constantly iterating, testing, and incorporating feedback to develop best-in-class platforms.

Snapshot of Capabilities

Real-Time Data

Through ScreenSmart, staff can record and transmit data in real time, over a secure connection that keeps data safe. Our clients and partners also have access to data files in real time through our API, or via secure FTP in a format you specify, following a schedule that works for you. No more waiting for data.

Secure Messaging with Health Coaches

Our portal solution allows participants to access their health coaches for questions and follow-ups any time through our secure messaging system.

Participant Profile

Participants can access screening results, view appointments, and set a range of preferences in their own portal profile.

Single Sign On

Our developers can work with your organization’s IT department to set up single sign-on, providing a fast, easy way for participants to access our systems without remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

Pre-Populated Form Processing

Off-site options are more accessible than ever with our pre-populated physician forms and Lab Corp vouchers that participants can download directly from our portal.

Risk Stratification Reporting

Smart reporting drives strategic program design. We deliver reports based on biometric and health assessment data that stratify your population according to risk levels.


The Health Informatics team is committed to the integrity of the information it transmits to health plans, wellness vendors, and other third parties for whom timely, accurate data files are critical. Our ScreenSMART tablet technology features built-in data validation rules and requires multiple layers of participant identification to ensure accurate data matching. To reduce time-consuming and error-prone data entry, the processing of physical data forms is automated through Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology, a system that converts handwriting to text.


All WCS personnel must complete annual data security and HIPAA training and undergo background checks. WCS works with a Managed Security Service Provider and undergoes internal, external, and application penetration testing.

Access to Protected Health Information is limited to employees who need access. The Health Informatics department is secured by keycard scanners and surveillance cameras.

WCS uses a segregated, encrypted database and file servers, hosted by a SSAE16 SOC Type II certified facility. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.