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The Whole Picture: Sustainable Living Tips from Our Health Coaches

Posted by Team WCS on 03.27.2018

You may know that sustainable behaviors, such as giving your time to help others and the environment, provide benefits to those around you. But did you know that these actions can also increase personal happiness and wellbeing? Finding happiness in your life is important for maintaining balance and managing stress, and it can be a valuable part of your wellness journey. Are you interested in incorporating sustainable activities and acts of kindness into your routine? Here are four sustainable living tips to get started.

Simplify things.

De-clutter your home and life to improve mood and happiness. Donate unneeded goods, clothes and food to charities. If you’re tempted to refill your home with new, unessential items, consider waiting 30 days before making purchases. You may find that you don’t actually need the new items after all!

Practice random acts of kindness.

Share happiness with others and the environment through random acts of kindness. Activities that can benefit your community include planting trees, picking up trash around town, and donating used books to the library. You could also express kindness on an individual level by leaving sticky-notes with positive messages at your coworkers’ desks or cooking dinner for an overwhelmed friend. Here are more ideas if you’re inspired to keep going.

Give back. 

Share your time and talents to help your community adopt environmentally sustainable practices. Volunteer at a farm-to-school program, community garden, or food cooperative (co-op). Lead a nature walk in a local park to encourage appreciation of the natural environment. 

Eat locally.

Support farmers in your local community by purchasing locally grown produce at farmers markets. This provides you with an opportunity to directly express appreciation to the people who produce your food and the earth that supports it.

What are your favorite sustainable living tips?

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