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Sobering Facts about Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

Posted by Team WCS on 10.20.2017

Most biometric screening participants focus on their cholesterol and body composition numbers, but because of pre-diabetes and diabetes, blood sugar is just as important. Our nation’s diabetes epidemic is serious: according to the American Diabetes Association, almost 30 million children and adults in the United States have diabetes. Many more are undiagnosed.

The dire statistics only reinforce the need for workplace screenings.

In some ways, our nation’s pre-diabetes epidemic is even more alarming. The condition affects 1 in 3 Americans, yet most don’t even know they’re at risk. This is tragic because pre-diabetes is often reversible. The CDC created two excellent infographics on diabetes and pre-diabetes (here and here) that you might consider sharing with your employees — especially if you have biometric screenings coming up soon.

I’m so proud of our 1,700+ health coaches across the country. Every day, they help employees manage their health risks and make better choices. 98% of our coaches are registered dietitians with advanced degrees and certifications, which explains their high success rates. RDs are passionate about their own health and enjoy sharing that passion with others.

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