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September is Healthy Aging Month. Celebrate with WCS!

Posted by Team WCS on 09.20.2018

One of the best parts of implementing wellness programs at clients of all shapes, sizes, and industries is that we get to help a diverse group of employees every day. Biometric screenings, health coaching, and flu vaccines have value for employees of all ages, and they form the cornerstone of a strong wellness program. But we’re not in the business of implementing cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all programs. We care about designing each program to fit the unique needs of each client’s employee population.

If you have an older employee population, we’re more than happy to emphasize healthy aging in on-site programming, communications, and other key resources. We always recommend biometric screenings to establish a baseline and empower participants to know their numbers. But we also recommend health education and health coaching, to give participants more information about their screening results and provide ongoing, one-on-one support that helps them achieve their goals. These sessions can provide older employees with specific, actionable information about healthy aging habits.

Best of all, our approach to healthy aging is holistic. People often think of diet and exercise as the staples of wellness—but we take an integrative approach. We’re into the bigger picture, so when it comes to healthy aging, our health educators and health coaches also address emotional and mental health.

Whether it’s a seminar, health coaching session, champion program, or another component, we’re ready to provide your employees with all the support they need to live their longest, fullest lives.

Celebrate healthy aging month by investing in your employees. Start a conversation with our team today!

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