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Seamless Health Education for Biometric Screenings

Posted by Team WCS on 05.10.2018

biometric screening challengesAt almost every biometric screening event, a few people learn that they have abnormal results. It can be a scary experience—but with the right support, also an opportunity. The first step is quality health education.

Once you know what your numbers mean and have a clear plan of action, you’re ready to start making positive changes. That’s why we make health education an integral part of our screening services.

On-site health education

Judging from the satisfaction surveys we administer after every event, employees truly appreciate having a trained health educator on site to help review their results. In fact, it’s one of our most highly-rated services.

Who are our health educators? They’re registered dietitians—a standard that sets us apart from other screening providers.

WCS was co-founded by a registered dietitian, so we appreciate the depth of their clinical knowledge. They’re also highly-trained health coaches who bring empathy and enthusiasm for health to everything they do.

WellReview for off-site screenings

To accommodate employees who aren’t able to attend an on-site screening, we offer a number of alternatives, including vouchers through LabCorp and CVS.

But until recently, these employees didn’t have a consistent option for health education. Now they do.

WellReview connects participants with health educators by phone. In a short but impactful 15-minute session, they get the same support and guidance that employees enjoyed at the on-site screening.

Scheduling is simple. Employees receive an email invitation once their results have been processed. Appointments can be made online or through our Customer Care team.

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