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Road Trip Fitness: 3 Tips for Your Driving Breaks

Posted by Team WCS on 04.16.2018

When we’re on the road, our primary focus is on the traffic signals, signs, and cars around us. It can be hard to get in tune with our bodies when our minds are occupied, which is why breaking up long trips with rest breaks is so important. Breaks provide an opportunity to rest the mind, feed the body with nutritious and energizing food, and move and stretch the muscles. Road trip fitness isn’t about making your journey harder—it’s about restoring yourself.

Driving can make our muscles stiff and tense from being held in one position for too long. Physical activity can help us restore movement and blood flow to our muscles, allowing us to return to the road more energized and alert.

During your next long road trip, consider planning active rest breaks, where you pull off the road but jump into an exercise routine. No matter if you’re at a rest stop or restaurant, here are some ways that you can be active when you pull over.


Walking can be done anywhere, so fitting some steps into your driving break should be easy, right? It might not be as easy if you don’t know where to walk when space is limited. Try doing laps around the parking lot or rest area. If you search online in advance, you can even find a nearby park to stop at instead.

Yoga Flow or Stretches

You don’t necessarily need a mat to do yoga. Find a nearby grassy area, and flow through some sun salutations to get your muscles moving and open your chest and hips. Yoga also provides a nice stretch for your stiff muscles—just make sure to warm up your body before jumping into deeper stretch poses.

Bodyweight Exercise Intervals

Be your own trainer, and lead yourself through a bodyweight workout that can be done anywhere. Try this workout here, or build your own routine using exercises like lunges, squats, pushups, jumping jacks, planks, and burpees. Take it easy on your knees by doing higher impact exercises, like those that involve jumping, on grass when possible.

What are your favorite habits for road trip fitness?

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