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What We Love About REI’s Corporate Wellness Approach

Posted by Team WCS on 03.13.2018

This month, Bloomberg spotlighted REI’s corporate wellness approach—and there’s a lot to admire. In this industry, we’re always interested in the companies that are finding innovative ways to support their employees. These days, there’s no shortage of companies who are committing to their employees’ health and building a culture of wellness. Here’s why REI, a consumers’ cooperative that sells active lifestyle equipment, is catching our eye.

1. Their program makes sense for their employee population. 

According to the article, REI has implemented two “Yay Days” a year to allow employees a day off to get outside and do something fun. This is based entirely on the kind of employees that tend to come to REI:

REI Bloomberg Quote

Whether we’re helping a client offer biometric screenings or launch a comprehensive wellness program, we always focus on tailoring our services to the client’s unique population. 

2. Their focus extends beyond physical wellness.

Karls also implied that “Yay Days” are designed to create opportunities for employees to relate to one another outside the office, opening up greater team-building possibilities. Strong wellness programs have never been about getting employees to cut calories or even just to pay attention to only their own health—when the emphasis is on building a healthy culture, the benefits can extend much farther and wider. REI’s corporate wellness strategy takes the bigger picture into account.

3. They know participation matters. 

Employee engagement is the key to a successful wellness program. There are many ways to boost participation rates, but “unlocking” employee interest will always rely on strong communication and attention to #1 and #2 in this list—that is, making sure the programs are appealing for your unique group of employees and making sure employees know the program has multiple benefits. The fact that REI is focusing on both demonstrates a commitment to making their programs accessible and engaging.

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