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Registration Coordinator Spotlight: Meet Candice Smith Carr

Posted by Team WCS on 07.19.2018

 This week, we’re putting the spotlight on someone who takes our biometric screening events to the next level: Candice Smith Carr, a health enthusiast who brings her passion and people skills to her registration coordinator role. Consistent high ratings from her peers, participants, and our core team at WCS headquarters indicate just how much of a difference she makes to our programs.

Registration coordinators are a crucial part of any Wellness Corporate Solutions screening event. We staff our events with an event lead, registration coordinator, screeners, and health educators. These are all separate roles, and we take pride in a staffing model that allows our wellness representatives to shine and provide the best possible experience for employees.

Candice is known for always being one of the friendliest faces in the room, and she has built a full career out of communicating with people and guiding them towards health and wellness.

Based in Louisiana, she has been dedicated to health education for two decades. After receiving her Bachelor’s in Nutrition in 1998, she earned a second degree in education because she realized that education was her calling. She taught nutrition classes in East Baton Rouge Parish Schools for 10 years before becoming a health coach.

We’re so glad that she also brings her commitment to wellness and friendly demeanor to our biometric screening events. Registration coordinators often provide the participant with their first impression of the event. If this person can make a participant feel comfortable right from the start, then the employee is much more likely to have a positive experience overall.

“There have even been times when people walk in and say I’m not doing this,” Candice said. “And I talk them into participating by helping them feel more comfortable.”

Another major component of the registration coordinator role is managing event flow. Our average screening wait time is just over 4 minutes, and it’s excellent staff like Candice who move participants through our events efficiently. She explained that she is always communicating with participants and screeners to make sure that employees with appointments and walk-ins are both accommodated in a fair way. She also truly brings a human touch to our events—if an employee is stressed about finishing their screening appointment in time to get back for a meeting, she will make sure their concerns are heard, reassure the employee about their place in the queue, and provide updates as needed. 

For other events, Candice brings her health coaching expertise to our events as a health educator. In the health educator role, she reviews screening results with participants to help them understand what their numbers mean and how they might address any health risks. Our health educators help jumpstart an employee’s wellness journey, providing the information they need to start making healthy behavior changes.

Whether serving as the registration coordinator who greets the participant, or the health educator who leaves the participant with expert guidance, Candice has made sure thousands of employees have had a positive experience from start to finish.

When we asked Candice about the best part of working with WCS, she immediately answered that it was interacting with participants: “When they walk out, they always have a smile on their face, even if they were nervous when they walked in.”

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You can apply to be a wellness representative with our team here. You can also contact our team to learn more about our top-rated biometric screenings, flu clinics, health coaching, and more! 

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