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Real Corporate Wellness: Shame-Free, Goal-Oriented, and On Your Side

Posted by Team WCS on 09.30.2018

Awareness of our growing health challenges is increasing. But as analysis of our health problems and healthcare system grows sharper, we still need to focus on the most important question: How do we help people with their health?

We work in wellness because we know that people aren’t statistics—people are people. Behind every aggregate number about overweight Americans or the prevalence of heart disease and diabetes, there are real people who are interested in living their best life.

We designed our top-rated biometric screening services to give individual people the chance to learn about their health status. We think that numbers can empower people to understand where they’re at, and help people begin to engage with their health.

But the process only starts with the numbers. We will always emphasize health education and health coaching because improving health is a journey. And most importantly, it’s not a straight line with one destination. It’s about building a lifestyle out of healthy habits that improve all aspects of a person’s life—from their relationships and career to their stress levels and sleep quality.

A recent, landmark article on obesity is rightfully making waves in our industry. That’s good. We need to change our approach to healthcare and figure out how wellness really means. It’s going to require change from everyone—not just doctors and hospitals, but also friends, family members, and yes, employers. Together, we can make the workplace part of a vibrant support network that helps employees thrive inside and outside the office. It can be a support network based on practical, meaningful advice, compassionate listening, and absolutely none of the shaming that has proven so counterproductive.

The article included survey results that show doctors may just get 19 hours of nutrition education over the course of 4 years in medical school. It also cites a study that out of 461 sessions with a doctor, “only 13 percent of patients got any specific plan for diet or exercise and only 5 percent got help arranging a follow-up visit.”

reduce health risksThat’s not the case for all doctors, but it’s a shocking trend and a major reason why our health coaches are Registered Dietitians. They not only have extensive background in nutrition, exercise, and a wide variety of health topics, but have also been specifically trained by our leadership to listen with empathy and help develop sustainable routines. They encourage participants to not only return for ongoing sessions to complete their goal, but also to message them any time through our secure online portal.

meaningful goal

We love providing health coaching because it allows us to connect directly with real people and listen to their physical, emotional, and mental health challenges. That’s why we developed the Ready-Set-Goal™ method, an approach where our health coaches help participants identify and achieve wellbeing goals that make sense for them. We don’t dictate change—we inspire it, based on each person’s own pace and priorities. That’s real wellness.

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