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WCS Launches Real-Time Reporting Platform

Posted by Matthew on 06.09.2016

BETHESDA, Md., June 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), an award-winning provider of biometric screening services and customized wellness solutions for private- and public-sector organizations, has announced the launch of the WCS Analytics + platform: a powerful health analytics tool featuring an interactive, on-demand data dashboard. Partners and clients of WCS will now be able to view, analyze, and evaluate their organizations’ health data in real time.

WCS’s four largest partners received the first release of WCS Analytics + on June 1, 2016.

“We’re so excited to launch WCS Analytics + to our partners. It redefines the client experience by taking convenience and engagement to the next level,” said Jared Rice, Vice President of Technology. “Rather than receiving data analytics on a quarterly basis, our clients will now have on-demand access to their most valuable data,” Rice said. “The interactivity and data granularity available to users will put them in a better position to plan and implement quality wellness programming—which will ultimately lead to healthier and more productive workplaces.”

The HIPAA-secure WCS Analytics + augments the array of health informatics resources currently available. Partners and clients will now be able to analyze their populations’ participation rates and satisfaction data by location, gender, age, and countless other demographics. Interactive online reports with custom views and drill-down options will help facilitate targeted decision-making within their health programs.

With the implementation of WCS Analytics +, reporting will be remarkably seamless and data will be available instantly. The Platform allows partners and clients to share reports and export data views as often as desired.


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