On-Site Flu Clinics

We coordinate on-site flu clinics that make it easy for employees to take advantage of immunization programs. Let us take care of all the logistics, and we’ll make sure your employees can stay healthy through flu season.

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    SeamlessWe come right to your employees so that they don’t have to schedule visits to the doctor or other clinics. We provide on-site flu clinics with paper, online, and phone scheduling—with options for walk-ins as well. However it works best for your company is how we’ll do it. Plus, we manage these clinics with our very own staff—no subcontractors!
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    ComprehensiveWe provide flu clinics as a standalone program with the option to also include on-site biometric screenings. Let us coordinate both events and make sure your employees receive top-notch services. We also provide off-site vouchers for flu shots and participation reporting so that you get the metrics you need to see the impact of our clinics.
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    EffectiveWe follow best practices, offering thimerosal-free, quadrivalent (4-strain) vaccines. These are the vaccines that will cover your employees through flu season and prevent them from contracting the flu for six months.
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    PracticalThe flu causes billions of dollars in lost productivity each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Support your employees through flu season so they can stay healthy not only for their work, but for all aspects of their lives.