On-Site Flu Vaccination Clinics

♥ Quadrivalent (4-strain) flu vaccine
♥ W-2 staff, including registration coordinators and WCS-trained flu nurses

Convenient Flu Vouchers

♥ Redeemable through Walgreens and CVS pharmacies
♥ Thousands of locations nationwide

“All the nurses worked very well with our associates, they were all friendly and their upbeat personalities helped ease our associates.”
HR Contact, WCS Client

“Our network of professional flu nurses make all the difference at our events. I am so proud to put such a talented group in front of our participants!”

Christina Buckley, National Flu Recruiter

“Everything went very well. Both nurses were great, and we had 95% of employees show for their appointments.”

HR Contact, WCS Client

In-House Service

WCS manages flu vaccinations internally. As with biometric screenings, we don't use subcontractors or staffing agencies. You’re supported every step of the way, from the very first planning meeting through implementation. A dedicated Program Manager serves as a single point of contact and handles every detail.

Expert Staff

We use our own W-2 employees to staff flu clinics. A designated lead flu nurse attends every event, along with a Registration Coordinator to greet participants and assist with paperwork. With thousands of trained staff in all 50 states, we can deliver flu vaccinations wherever you are.

Extended Options

Because WCS is a full-service wellness vendor, our flu vaccination clients have access to much more than other providers. Our integrated participant portal makes appointment scheduling simple, can easily be combined with screenings. We offer communications support, in-house shipping and logistics, and much more.