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Our Favorite Books on Wellness (Part 3)

Posted by Matthew on 03.17.2017

In our last two blogs, we shared some of our favorite wellness books. Whether you’re interested in mental well-being or diet and nutrition, our staff have made some great recommendations.

Today, we focus on what companies can do to promote wellness. Here at WCS, we often turn to a book that many consider the industry bible:

Engaging Wellness: Corporate Wellness Programs that Work by Jonathon Edelheit and Renee-Marie Stephano


Edelheit and Stephano offer insights from industry experts on how to successfully implement, operate, and measure an employee wellness program. They cover all the necessary elements: incentives, biometric screenings, chronic condition support, workplace culture, and much more.

Juliet Rodman, our co-founder and Chief Wellness Officer, names Engaging Wellness as one of her favorites. “Along with the expert advice you find in this book, I really love the case studies,” she told me. “It’s so helpful to read about the successes and challenges that companies face. Our clients run the gamut, from small companies to huge corporations, and this book is a great source of information.”

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