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News Brief: Capital Area Food Bank Makes Dramatic Healthy Swap

Posted by Team WCS on 10.11.2017

Hard work, relationship building, and big goals are paying off at the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB), which just cut the amount of junk food it supplies by 84%.

CAFB is both the largest food bank serving the Washington, D.C. metro region, and one of the largest food banks in the entire country. A year ago, they made a commitment to actually turn away junk food in an effort to provide their community—which includes 444 nonprofit partners—with healthier choices.

The goal of the switch isn’t for CAFB to dictate what people eat—it’s to truly offer healthy options, including some treats, that can compose a well-rounded, nutrition-forward diet. It’s about making healthy food accessible to all. 

How did CAFB make the switch? According to NPR, they went to their corporate partners—12 grocery store retailers who donate the bulk of CAFB’s food—and explained that they needed to move away from high-sugar, low-nutrition items and towards fruits, vegetables, and protein. They’ve also been contracting with local farmers through The Fruits and Vegetables Funds for Greater Washington, a program they run with the specific goal of bringing more fresh produce to the community CAFB serves.

Changing your personal diet isn’t easy, and neither is changing the diet of the more than half a million people that CAFB serves. CAFB deserves some serious credit for following through on a commitment that will support health outcomes for thousands of people in the region. 

Learn more about CAFB’s commitment to wellness here.

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