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Our New Year’s Resolution: BE BOLD

Posted by Team WCS on 01.04.2017

happy-new-years-resolutionEach employee at WCS has a New Year’s resolution to BE BOLD in 2017. This doesn’t necessarily mean drinking our coffee black, but rather a six-point strategy to make this year our best yet.

The acronym BE BOLD stands for:

Bring your Best: What can you do that demonstrates our core values of striving for self-improvement and living well in 2017?

Exceed Expectations: How do you plan to raise the bar this year?

Believe in the Team: How can teams collaborate with one another to reach solutions faster and better than they could on their own?

Own the Innovation: Is there a way to make your job more effective and more efficient?

Love the Data: What are your success metrics?

Drive Engagement and Revenue: Are there opportunities to increase engagement and profitability with our current client base?

Every employee has written down and shared his or her own BE BOLD goals, and we’re ready to take this year by storm. Some teams have chosen books in their field to read in the first quarter, while others have set quantitative sales goals or signed up for training courses to expand their skills. The options are endless!

We’re excited to have work resolutions that will help our company grow into an even stronger provider of workplace wellness services. We can’t wait to show you what we can do!

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