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National Immunization Awareness Month is Over, But Flu Season is Just Starting

Posted by Team WCS on 08.30.2017

August is National Immunization Awareness Month, which annually dedicates the last stretch of summer to the importance of vaccines. That’s why we typically talk about flu season all summer—because it’s the perfect time to prepare for a high-risk time of year with a flu shot clinic.

National Immunization Awareness Month is sponsored by the National Public Health Information Coalition. The flu shot is just one of the recommended vaccines for adults, but it’s also one that’s easy for businesses to offer their employees.

In the southern hemisphere, where they are just coming off their winter months, we’ve seen a Summer 2017 flu season that hit records—and not in a good way. In Australia, the flu has caused an extra 100,000 workers to take sick leave, costing businesses an estimated $30 million per day. That level of absenteeism affects businesses of every size, not to mention the disruption to personal and family life.

Here are 5 other facts to keep in mind about the flu this season:

  • You are able to infect others up to 1 day before symptoms start and 5-7 days after you become sick.
  • Flu complications include pneumonia and ear infections—but the flu can also make your chronic medical conditions like diabetes or asthma worse.
  • The flu is extremely common: 5-20% of Americans will get the flu each year. That’s why they’re typically classified as epidemics.
  • The average cost of flu-related hospitalizations and visits to the doctor are $10 billion per year.
  • The early fall is the best time to get a flu vaccine, but it’s still effective to get one later in the season.

National Immunization Awareness Month is over for now, but it’s time to stay extra vigilant about the flu. Contact us to learn how we can help set up an on-site flu clinic at your workplace this flu season.

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