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Wellness Corporate Solutions Earns National Diabetes Prevention Program Recognition

Posted by Team WCS on 07.09.2018

Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), the award-winning provider of employee wellness programs, earned Full Recognition from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for diabetes prevention.

The CDC reserves this level of recognition for evidence-based prevention programs with a strong, measurable track record. According to the CDC, the purpose of Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program “is to recognize organizations that have demonstrated their ability to effectively deliver a proven type 2 diabetes prevention lifestyle change program.” Through our health coaching, biometric screenings, and comprehensive wellness programing—including options from healthy eating seminars to competitive challenges—WCS is able to alert employees to their diabetes risk and provide the resources to prevent or manage the disease.

“We’re incredibly proud of this recognition from the CDC and our mutual commitment to preventing diabetes,” said Juliet Rodman, WCS Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer. “Our expert team is putting workplaces at the front of the movement to help Americans make healthy, lasting behavior changes that reduce their health risks.”

Every day, WCS health coaches offer expert, holistic advice to help employees improve their wellbeing. Whether decoding their latest A1C numbers, sharing specific ideas for a balanced diet, or providing emotional support through an intimidating diagnosis, our health coaches offer ongoing, practical guidance for employees. WCS’s nationwide network of over 1700 Registered Dietitians focus on meeting participants where they are at and helping them set and achieve meaningful goals.

In addition, our top-rated biometric screening programs give participants access to key health statistics, including blood glucose tests. Often, an on-site biometric screening appointment is the easiest way for an employee to take time for their health and learn about their risk factors. For many employees, these screenings are the first time in a long time that employees are learning about their health status—fulfilling the CDC’s mission to increase diabetes prevention among hard-to-reach populations. Our telephonic health coaching services also make it easier than ever for employees to receive individualized, one-on-one guidance—even if they work remotely or prefer to schedule calls outside traditional working hours.

Diabetes is on the rise nationally and globally, affecting over 30 million adults in the United States. Eighty-four million adults also have pre-diabetes, which is over one in three, and 90% are not aware of their risk. Early detection at biometric screenings, targeted interventions with health coaching, and a customized workplace wellness program can play a large role in curbing this epidemic. This latest CDC recognition enriches WCS’s dedication to increasing awareness of health risks in the workplace as well as helping all employees lead their fullest, healthiest lives.


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