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More Wellness Options for Small Businesses

Posted by Team WCS on 12.08.2016

wwk_logofinalrgb_20160919We’ve received so much positive feedback since we announced our WellWork Kit this past summer. Many small businesses want to bring wellness to their employees, but they simply haven’t had many options. WellWork Kit changes that.

Large corporations may dominate the news, but more than 99 percent of the firms in this country have fewer than 500 employees. We designed the WellWork Kit to give these smaller employers a straightforward, affordable way to promote health within their organizations.

Today, we’re announcing two additional options: WellWork Kit Digital and Pro.

As a reminder, WellWork Kit Basic includes a comprehensive leadership guide, two turnkey wellness challenges, 12 months of on-site event ideas, yearlong subscriptions to two health education newsletters, and 12 months of client-branded marketing and communications materials. It’s everything a small business needs to start bringing wellness to its employees.

For groups that want to kick things up a notch, we’ve created two additional levels:

  • WellWork Kit: Digital delivers everything offered in Basic, but also adds an online wellness challenge platform with app and device integration.
  • WellWork Kit: Pro is perfect for small companies who want a more comprehensive online solution. In partnership with MeYouHealth, we give participants access to a simple health assessment and open social-style challenges and campaigns that focus on daily wellness activities, exercise, and smoking cessation.

We’re so excited to move into 2017 with such great options for smaller employers. For more information, drop us a line or explore the WellWork Kit online.

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