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Mindfulness Programs: A New Trend in Wellness

Posted by Matthew on 08.10.2016

Mindfulness Wellness ProgramWe blogged recently about our own internal wellness program, which we call EnergEEE. One of its most popular features is Meditation Mondays: a time for everyone to take a short break and benefit from guided meditation and mindfulness. Even when things are hectic around the office — perhaps especially when they’re hectic — I think it’s important to give our minds and bodies a few moments to recharge.

Humana, the nationwide health insurer, must agree with me. They’ve partnered with eMindful to offer live, online mindfulness training programs to employers. It’s something their wellness clients are requesting more and more: “Two years ago, I would have been able to give you a very specific profile [of an employer who requested mindfulness programming], like the financial or tech sector,” said Kristine Mullen, VP of Humana Wellness. “Today, pretty much every employer is talking about the need for mindfulness and wellness.”

At a time when multitasking is all but unavoidable at work, a focus on mindfulness is a welcome addition to any wellness program. Despite the beautiful photo I chose to accompany this post, mindfulness doesn’t require sitting atop a mountain, staring into the distance. It simply means training your mind to focus calmly and peacefully.

If you ask me, that’s a useful skill in any office!

Photo credit: Meditation by Moyan Brenn