Seamless health education for employees

We believe that health education and biometric screenings go hand in hand. That’s why we’re offering our clients the opportunity to provide telephonic health education for biometric screenings participants.

WELLReview is a simple service that allows participants to review their screening results with a WCS registered dietitian. In this short but impactful session of approximately 15 minutes, these registered dietitians can engage participants in a confidential one-on-one conversation about their health. 

In these conversations, participants receive expert health education that promotes risk awareness, inspires behavior change, and helps them set wellness goals. The WCS health educator concludes the session by guiding the participant to the additional wellness resources made available to them through their company.

Maximizing the Value of Screenings

Employees are taking charge of their health by utilizing one of the screening options offered by their employer. By connecting employees with registered dietitians who are specifically trained to inspire behavior change, telephonic health education jumpstarts the wellness journey.

Easy Access to Experts

No matter what screening option a participant takes advantage of, WELLReview guarantees access to a health expert. WCS health coaches provide practical, actionable advice to compliment the screening experience.

Simple Process

After their screening results have been processed, participants receive an email with information about scheduling an appointment for health education.

Simple Scheduling

Participants can then schedule their confidential phone calls by email or call our Customer Care team to schedule an appointment by phone.

Streamlined Experience

We designed the 15 minute phone session to deliver meaningful advice in a short window that fits into their schedule.

Convenient for All Types of Screenings

We designed WELLReview to fit into multiple screening delivery models, including on-site venipuncture screenings, screening vouchers or Primary Care Physician Forms, and at-home test kits.

Engage Employees Far and Wide

Give employees at all of your remote locations the opportunity to get the most out of their screening. With WELLReview, everyone has equal access to expert advice.

WCS Case Study: The Power of Screenings + Coaching

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