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Important Flu Vaccine Update

Posted by Matthew on 05.05.2017

flu vaccineWe’re pleased to announce that for the upcoming 2017 flu season, WCS will offer a single type of vaccine: quadrivalent, preservative-free vaccine delivered via pre-filled syringe.

What does this mean?

  • Quadrivalent vaccine is increasingly popular because it protects against four strains of flu rather than just three. We chose this form of the vaccine because it provides the best protection for your employees.
  • Some people, especially women who are pregnant, have expressed concern about thimerosal—a preservative found in multi-dose vials of vaccine. Because we’re using pre-filled syringes, every flu shot we give in 2017 will be preservative-free.

It’s important to book your 2017 flu clinics now. This past flu season has been severe, and demand next fall is likely to be high. Contact us today!

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