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Case Study: The Importance of Expert Program Management

Posted by Team WCS on 05.03.2017

For the past four years, WCS has managed biometric screenings for a large company in the healthcare industry. Between February and April 2017, we managed 117 events at 79 locations, representing more than 10,000 on-site screenings. We also coordinated several thousand off-site, voucher-based screenings.

As with every WCS client, a dedicated Program Manager oversees the planning process from start to finish. Acting as a single point of contact, the Program Manager works with numerous stakeholders: client contacts, benefits brokers, and even other wellness vendors.

This year, we faced a challenge early in the planning process. The client was unable to provide a complete list of Human Resources managers, so our Program Manager went to work. He researched dozens of locations and tracked down every single one.

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan—especially when you’re working with a large organization. What makes WCS different is how we respond. We do everything we can to make our clients’ lives easier.

The WCS Approach

In the weeks leading up to the first screening event, the Program Manager and client work together to calculate participation estimates. It’s important to be accurate because these estimates are used to ship adequate supplies to each location.

In this case, the Program Manager gave the client frequent updates on appointment registrations, as well as historical participation data that helped them develop estimates for 2017.

Participation turned out to be higher than expected across the organization. This was a positive result, but one that required quick teamwork from WCS. Responding a surge in last-minute screening appointments, the Program Manager stayed in close communication with individual site contacts. He secured additional staff and supplies for every location that needed them.

“I really enjoy working with this group,” our Program Manager said, “and I believe they feel the same way about WCS. We all have the same goal, which is to make every screening event a success.”


WCS approaches each new implementation with a spirit of partnership. We’re known throughout the wellness industry for our flexibility and quality of service.

Nothing is more important to our program management team than the participant experience, and we’re especially proud of our 98% satisfaction rate.

Contact us today to learn more about how WCS can help make your next biometric screening the best yet.

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