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Ideas for Employees to Keep it Safe During the Holidays

Posted by Team WCS on 12.08.2017

The holidays are a great time to send employees and their families season’s greetings and reminders to stay healthy and safe throughout the new year. Here are a few suggested tips to remind employees about what they can do for themselves and those they love during the holidays. Some of them may seem obvious, but going back to basics can help us all remain sane, safe, and healthy during this special and hectic season.

  • Have a designated driver if you are going to be drinking alcohol.
  • Keep a pair of scissors handy to open gifts that are difficult to unwrap.
  • Remember to keep food refrigerated and to not let it sit out for too long to avoid any chance of food poisoning.
  • Have someone assist you in holiday decorating, especially if using a ladder.
  • Use multiple electrical outlets to avoid overcrowding with too many plugs.
  • Keep an ice scraper in your car to clear away any winter weather that may obstruct your view.
  • Remember to blow out any candles before leaving home.
  • Check to make sure your smoke detector is working properly (the fire department is usually happy to come over and check)
  • Take your time when traveling to avoid accidents on your way to and from your destinations. Bring directions!
  • Remember to try and relax, breathe, and enjoy the company of those you are around this holiday.
  • Ask a family member to go on a 30 minute walk. Get some fresh air to take a break from temptations in the kitchen.

For more holiday tips go to Health Discovery, MedicineNet, or the federal government’s HealthFinder.

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