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One More Reason to Include Health Educators at Your Screening Events

Posted by Team WCS on 08.29.2018

We think that biometric screenings are the cornerstone of any wellness program because they empower participants to understand their health status. When you know your numbers, you know your baseline—and it’s a lot easier to set health goals if you know where you’re starting from. Health educators take that experience on step further with one-on-one, private guidance about your screening results.

Of course, we’ve always recommended health education to our biometric screening clients. Screenings provide the perfect teachable moment, and we bring Registered Dietitians in to explain participants’ screening results, help them understand their risk levels, and provide initial guidance on next steps.

But health educators play another important role: they also connect participants to the rest of their company’s wellness program, guiding employees towards the full range of resources available to them.

Have a health coaching program? Health educators can provide that crucial link between a screening appointment and ongoing telephonic health coaching. That is, once a participant receives initial guidance from their health educator right after their screening appointment, they can experience the value of having a Registered Dietitian provide one-on-one advice. Health coaching is the best way to provide ongoing, positive support for employees.

Have other wellness programming in place? We train our health educators to match each client’s individual workplace culture and wellness program, so they are ready to talk to the participant about all of their options. Whether it’s letting participants know about an upcoming company-wide wellness challenge, or sharing more information about how to take advantage of their wellness portal, health educators are great ambassadors for your larger program and company culture.

We love giving our clients the opportunity to take screening events to the next level by providing health education. We even have a health education solution for remote employees and other off-site participantsContact us today to learn more about our services and the approach that will fit your employee population best. 

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