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Health Education for Any Biometric Screening Participant

Posted by Team WCS on 09.10.2019

Our biometric screenings offer employees the opportunity to know their numbers. With our highly professional, WCS-trained staff, seamless logistics, and privacy standards, our goal is to give every employee a positive experience that inspires healthy habits.

As part of our commitment to truly supporting every employee, we offer flexible health education options so that screenings can truly be a “teachable moment” for participants. Our on-site health education offers participants the chance to sit down with a Registered Dietitian right after their screening appointment, to review their results in more depth and get expert, tailored advice about next steps to improve or maintain their numbers.

We also offer telephonic health education for participants who are taking advantage of the off-site screening vouchers we offer, or for venipuncture screening events where participants won’t get their results right away. It’s called WellReview, and it’s a great option to enhance your biometric screening program. Learn more here:

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