Support every employee's health journey

Multiple Coaching Options

♥ Health education at biometric screenings

♥ Individual telephonic sessions

Online secure messaging

♥ One-on-one, in-person coaching

♥ 30+ custom seminars and webinars for on-site health education, as well as live healthy cooking demonstrations

Ready-Set-Goal Approach

♥ Unique, trademarked approach to coaching participants through a health journey

♥ Focus on building a trusting relationship with participants and helping them set goals that make sense for them

♥ Holistic approach that includes mental, physical, and emotional health

“My coach is amazing. I quit smoking cigarettes in September and I credit her support through it as a large part of my success.”

WCS Health Coaching Participant

“[My coach] was outstanding; always positive, creative, knowledgeable, and above all kind.”

WCS Health Coaching Participant

“I try to be very open and non-judgmental. Participants realize that's the difference between coaching and being told what to do.”

Shelly, WCS Health Coach

Qualifications of Coaches

Our health coaches are exclusively Registered Dietitians—a standard that sets WCS apart. In fact, our nationwide network of Registered Dietitians is the largest in the wellness industry. We have more than 1,700 health coaches in all 50 states.

360-Degree Approach

Health coaching touches on the physical, emotional, and environmental spheres of each participant’s life. Our methodology is rooted in evidence-based behavior change theories, and we engage participants where they are, helping them choose realistic goals and move toward positive behavior change.

Spirit of Partnership

WCS provides health coaching services for dozens of clients nationwide. We also partner with other providers, seamlessly integrating our coaching services with their health and wellness offerings.