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Health and Wellness Trends for 2017

Posted by Matthew on 02.06.2017

wellness trendsLast month, weight-loss and fitness site talked to industry experts and identified the latest trends in fitness, food, and wellness. Several of their wellness trends are things our clients ask about a lot. In fact, we’ve already made them part of our comprehensive wellness programming.

Better quality of sleep

Getting more restful sleep is one of the many subjects our health coaches help participants with every day.

Michelle Fishberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Slumbr pillows: “I see more people looking for ways to sleep deeper and longer. People are increasingly aware of sleep’s short- and long-term benefits, including heart health, cancer prevention, mental stability and hormonal support. Quality sleep enhances your efforts in diet and fitness. It’s integral to your productivity, creativity and focus.”

Mindfulness in the Workplace

We blogged about this one just recently. It’s a wellness trend we practice ourselves!

Joy Rains, mindfulness speaker and author: “Companies such as Google, Target and General Mills already provide mindfulness meditation training for their employees, since they realize the benefits can be profound: increased awareness and focus, reduced stress and enhanced well-being. Stress-related illnesses alone can cost companies millions of dollars a year. With mindfulness training, companies can improve their wellness outcomes and also save substantial sums on health-related costs. A happy, healthy employee is a productive employee.”

Wearable Tech

Dave Craford, CEO of Cytobank: “Healthcare professionals and consumers will adopt more wearable devices, as the real-time data lets consumers better monitor and understand their health and helps doctors chart a more exacting course of care. We will see more apps to monitor heart rates, smart inhalers for asthmatics, vital sign monitors for newborns and (hopefully) the glucose-level monitoring contact lenses from Google!”

(We loved the FitBits we used for our own walking challenge.)