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Happy World Heart Day! What That Means To Our Team

Posted by Team WCS on 09.29.2017

Today, September 29, is World Heart Day. Five years ago, world leaders committed to reducing deaths from non-communicable diseases by 2025. Cardiovascular complications account for half of non-communicable diseases worldwide. In fact, 17.5 million people in the world die each year from cardiovascular disease.

At WCS, we give employees the education, data, and support they need to improve their own health, increase productivity, and reduce costs for employers. But we are also working towards a bigger picture: We are helping people make sustainable, healthy behavior changes so that workplaces can be at the forefront of our global wellness movement.

Many of the conditions that we associate with heart disease are also associated with the workplace: stress, long periods of inactivity, and availability of unhealthy foods that make an imbalanced diet, to name a few. But employers have the potential to be some of our biggest partners in health. Whether by hosting biometric screenings that empower us with immediate feedback on our risk for heart disease or implementing a wellness champions program that motivates us on a daily basis, our worksites truly can create a culture of wellness.

But we also know that just because we have common, worldwide goals doesn’t mean we can all take exactly the same approach. This summer, we wrote about the great news that the United States has drastically cut the number of deaths from heart disease since 1980—and also the fact that different states are experiencing radically different trends. With a huge goal like reducing cardiovascular disease, we can’t use a one size fits all method. That’s why we work with clients to customize our programs and events so they work for that specific employee population. Big challenges require our willingness to go above and beyond cookie cutter solutions.

Today and every day, we’re proud to stand with all the organizations, health care professionals, families, and employers who are making cardiovascular health a priority.

Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) is a leading provider of biometric screenings, health coaching, and comprehensive wellness programming. Our mission is to spread wellness in the workplace.

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