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Be Happier in 4 Simple Steps

Posted by Team WCS on 07.10.2017

Our health coaches are great resources for healthy eating tips and motivation, but they also know a lot when it comes to dealing with emotional stress in our daily lives. These four tips they’ve created are small and straightforward tasks to increase your happiness and fend off stress. Although it sometimes seems impossible to get out of a slump, these tips are sure you get you on the right path where you’ll feel an immediate impact!

  1. Practice gratitude
    Make a conscious effort to think about positive aspects of your life. When you dwell on the negatives, it can consume your mind, but the same is true when you highlight the positives. Try this exercise to help keep a majority of your thoughts positive. If a negative thought arises, try to think about three positives to focus on instead. This is where the idea of keeping a gratitude journal comes from. It helps you create a pattern of highlighting a few things that you’re grateful for or that just made you happy each day.
  2. Complete a random act of kindness
    Research has shown that people who engage in random kind acts are happier. Doing something nice for someone else has been shown to reduce anxiety, decrease depression, and increase your connection with that person. The acts can be as small as holding open the door for a stranger or donating to your favorite charity.
  3. Recite a mantra
    Have a mantra on hand for times when you are feeling especially stressed, angry, sad or anxious. Write it on a piece of paper and post it somewhere you look often. Here are some examples. Feel free to take one of these or create your own!
    – I am in complete control of determining my emotions.
    – I accept abundant love, happiness, and positive energy into my life.
    – I will observe myself free of judgment.
  4. Meditate
    Meditation has been shown to increase happiness, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness. If you are new to meditation, try an app to guide you through it. Our favorite is Calm. You will be amazed at how you feel after taking a short break from your daily stressors. If finding time throughout the day feels difficult, try waking up a few minutes earlier or try it right before bed.

Now that you have read the tips, it is time to put them into action. Start small by implementing one a day and work your way up to having these become a part of your daily routine.

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