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Giving Back: The Season For Wellness and Generosity

Posted by Team WCS on 11.15.2018

November and December are a special time for our team. It’s the time when we wrap up many of the fall screening programs for our clients, and also reflect on the accomplishments achieved by many of our full-year participants. But it’s also a time when we focus on giving back.

Giving back is near and dear to our company because we believe it’s a core part of wellness. When our health coaches talk about a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, they often talk about the role of kindness and giving back. Our wellness philosophy covers a lot more than diet and exercise. In fact, reducing emotional stress is a big goal for many of our participants, and our coaches often discuss the role of gratitude in increasing happiness and fulfillment.

There are lots of ways that wellness and generosity relate. From the brain benefits called “Giver’s Glow” to reported improvements in sleep, donating your time to a worthy cause or helping others in need improves our overall health. We have even designed wellness challenges in the past that help employees make a plan to give back while also learning how to prioritize their own health.

It’s also the premise of one of our favorite organizations: Back on My Feet, a national organization dedicated to reducing homelessness through the power of running. Our President Emily Roberts is an Advisory Board member for Back on My Feet’s Washington, D.C. chapter, and our team loves supporting Back on My Feet because they focus on the empowering aspect of exercise and all the good that follows from setting and meeting a goal.

Want a more specific example of how wellness and giving back can tie together? Check out Back on My Feet’s annual treadmill challenge fundraiser this weekend. Their goal is to keep 8 treadmills in action for eight hours, and to raise $26,200 to support their programs. It’s a great way to work together with a team to get exercise and support a community in need.

Overall, we believe that staying active has many meanings—whether it’s physical activity, taking action in your community, or activating your brain in different ways. Workplaces are great environments to build a culture of generosity, whether by organizing your coworkers to volunteer together, participating in a group fundraiser, or just practicing everyday kindness with the people at your worksite. This Thanksgiving (and all year round), we hope everyone can find a meaningful way to explore all aspects of their health and give back.

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