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Get Creative Juices Flowing with Walking Meetings

Posted by Team WCS on 06.19.2017

walking meetings

We support and encourage healthy behaviors as a part of our own internal wellness program, EnergEEE. Working while walking on treadmill desks is a great way to be productive, but when meetings don’t require technology, walking meetings are ideal.

Stepping outside can help employees remove distractions, often leading to improved creativity and better idea generation.

Ready to add walking meetings to your office repertoire? Here’s how to start:

  • Let your team know ahead of time that the meeting will be mobile. This enables participants to wear appropriate shoes or bring sunglasses to the meeting.
  • Have an agenda. Being mobile and outdoors can spark a lot of creativity and conversation, so it’s good to have an outline you can refer to later.
  • Plan a route. You don’t want your 30-minute meeting to turn into a half-marathon walk.
  • Grab a small notebook for notes. Just in case.
  • Choose a quiet park or area to walk. Traffic and crowds can be distracting.

And lastly, snap a team photo! Share your fun with your company or team and encourage others to be healthy, too.

For more ideas on how to incorporate wellness into your workplace, drop us a line.

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