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Do You Live in One of the Healthiest States in America?

Posted by Team WCS on 02.16.2018

The Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index just released an updated report on Americans’ well-being across the nation. Lists can be attention-grabbing and low on substance, but this list of the healthiest states not only draws from a huge sample size—2.5 million surveys—but also uses 5 well-rounded categories to judge well-being.

In the wellness industry, we are used to looking beyond physical health. That’s exactly what this Gallup-Sharecare report does too, and why we pay attention to the results every year. Here are the five elements of wellbeing, in Sharecare’s own words:

healthiest states criteria

Setting goals, maintaining relationships, financial wellness, and community ties are all key parts of overall wellness. In other words, the healthiest states are the places where residents score high across all of these categories.

So what were the results?

This year, the healthiest states according to the Well-Being Index are (in order): South Dakota, Vermont, Hawaii, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Colorado, New Hampshire, Idaho, Utah, and Montana rounded out the top ten. healthiest states

The lowest ranking states were: Rhode Island, Indiana, Nevada, Ohio, and Kentucky. 

What’s the big picture?

If you think the list of states at the top and bottom all look different from one another, we’d have to agree with you. But there’s an encouraging lesson: you don’t need warm weather or cold weather, densely populated cities or big rural areas, or certain types of local industries to achieve well-being.

That’s one of the reasons why our expert team focuses on tailoring each wellness program to the individual employee population. By taking a strategic look at the unique challenges and advantages of a specific group of participants—whether they’re all concentrated in one location or spread across many different offices—we can maximize a client’s wellness investment.

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