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Focus on Program Management: Part 1

Posted by Team WCS on 07.23.2019

When people ask what makes WCS different, the first thing that comes to mind is our people. We have the most dedicated, experienced, passionate staff in the industry.

We’ve written case studies about our Program Managers, and we also highlighted them in a previous blog series. We keep talking about our Program Managers because they’re at the heart of our success—and today, we want you to hear directly from one of our best: Lauren Blauw.

Lauren joined WCS in 2013 and currently serves as a Director of Screening Services. She and her team of Program Managers manage screening campaigns of every shape and size, for clients all over the country. We asked Lauren to share some of what makes the Program Manager role so essential.

How would you describe a Program Manager’s role? What does a typical day look like?

Day in and day out, the most important thing a Program Manager does is provide a great service to our clients. Whether that means spending extra time with client contacts to prepare for their events, briefing our Logistics team on a client’s unique needs, or just ensuring that our on-site staff has every bit of information they need to host a flawless event, these are all things that come together to create the service excellence we pride ourselves in.

What is the most important aspect of your working relationship with a client?

My greatest successes have always happened when I’m working with clients who brings a real “team” mentality to our partnerships. When you can be completely open and transparent with each other, it leads to incredible synergy. Screening campaigns are complicated, and that means there are sometimes issues we have to resolve along the way. When I’ve worked with the same client for several years and we’ve built that relationship of trust, it makes the process so much smoother.

What has been your most challenging implementation so far?

Challenging implementations are always when we learn the most! Luckily, I love to put on my thinking cap and solve any puzzle that is placed in front of me. One recent challenge involved a request for nonstandard event hours to accommodate a shift work population. Another recent campaign was at a worksite where all of our on-site staff needed to wear steel-toed boots! These are the kinds of challenges that we solve every day.

Can you describe some of the populations you’ve worked with?

Biometric screenings are important for every kind of workforce. I’ve worked with multiple tech companies, manufacturing and production companies, and banking institutions—just to name a few. These groups range from white-collar executives to blue-collar production workers. Each population comes with unique goals in mind. After we get to know the client, we develop special training for our on-site staff, which is so important. We want them to understand the company’s culture and know exactly what to expect when they interact with participants.

Why do you think WCS is different? What makes us successful?

WCS is different in the way we work with our partners and clients. We aren’t just here to accept an order form for screenings. We partner with every groups to understand their goals and expectations, and we customize our offerings accordingly. Every screening campaigns is unique—and I don’t think you’ll find that kind of consultative approach anywhere else!

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