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New Study: Flu Shots Prevent Flu and Reduce Severity

Posted by Team WCS on 08.08.2018

We’re big on flu vaccines because they’re one of the simplest things an organization can do to protect workers and improve employees’ quality of life. If you want to prevent flu outbreaks at work, they should be your go-to strategy.

Many people already know that vaccines are the best way to prevent the flu. In fact, at Wellness Corporate Solutions, we exclusively use quadrivalent vaccines, which protect against four strains of the flu (maximum protection).

But in addition to preventing the flu in the first place, flu vaccines also reduce the severity of the flu. For those who are quick to point out that they know people who got vaccinated and still came down with the flu, it’s important to remind them that the vaccine still makes a difference.

By the numbers

A new study from the CDC highlights the following data about the flu vaccine for adults:

  • It reduced the risk of being placed in the general ward of the hospital with the flu by 32%
  • It reduced the disk of being placed in the ICU with the flu by 82%
  • It reduced the average length of a hospital stay due to the flu by 4 days

The flu might sound like run-of-the-mill sickness, but severe cases can be truly debilitating. Every year, the CDC estimates that the flu causes 12,000 to 56,000 deaths and 140,000 to 710,1000 hospitalizations.

What it means

We all want to prevent both versions of the flu—the version where you have to stay at home in bed for a few days and the version where you have to go to the hospital, either general ward or the ICU.

Flu vaccines remain the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your coworkers all flu season long. They significantly reduce your chances of getting the flu—and even if you do still get sick, they can significantly reduce the severity of your illness.

How WCS can help prevent flu outbreaks

Let us organize and implement an on-site flu vaccine clinic for your employees. There’s no easier way for an employee to get high-quality vaccine with minimal interruption to their work day and general schedule.

Have remote employees or want to help protect spouses as well? No problem! Our convenient voucher program allows participants to get a vaccine at 17,800 Walgreens and CVS locations nationwide.

Learn more about how we make the entire process easy—from expert Program Managers and thorough medical oversight to easy appointment scheduling and friendly Registration Coordinators who put employees at ease. Sign up below to begin a conversation!

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