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Flu Shots: A No-Brainer for Employee Wellness

Posted by Matthew on 04.03.2017

flu shotsLast year, we started offering flu vaccinations directly. Our clinics are managed just like our best-in-class biometric screenings, using our very own staff. No subcontractors! It was a resounding success, and we’re looking forward to expanding our flu vaccination capabilities in 2017.

Many companies schedule on-site screenings in the fall to coincide with flu clinics. If you have separate vendors for biometric screenings and flu shots, why not keep it simple and let WCS do both? With our 98% satisfaction rate, you’ll know both events will run flawlessly.

The flu causes thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in lost productivity each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC has some great resources that explain why offering flu shots is such an easy way to keep your employees healthy and avoid tons of lost productivity.

Contact us below to book a flu shot clinic for 2017: