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Flexible Screening Options Can Accommodate Every Employee

Posted by Team WCS on 02.28.2019

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible screening options — not just to make things easier for our client contacts, but also to make sure that as many employees as possible have the chance to participate. If high engagement rates are your goal, we are the perfect partner.

Our seamless on-site biometric screenings (our team has particular experience with large clients who have many locations) make it easy for on-site employees to participate. And our off-site options mean that remote employees, spouses, and other eligible participants who would benefit from other accommodations can still take advantage. Plus, our upgraded portal technology means that all of your participants will have a consistent experience, no matter which option they choose.

Want to learn more about our off-site options? We guarantee your employees will be covered, no matter their geographic location or preferences.

Click here to download our flyer and learn about our full range of off-site screening options. 

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