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Fidget If You Must, Just Move!

Posted by Team WCS on 04.07.2017

9682031038_57e9cc43d9_zWere you ever told as a child to stop fidgeting? Well, if you have trouble sitting still as an adult, a recent study cited in the New York Times suggests that you may be on the right track. Sitting for long periods of time has been shown to decrease blood flow and increase the risk for weight gain, diabetes, and other vascular issues.

Juliet Rodman, our Chief Wellness Officer, likes to remind us that sitting is the new smoking. But she’s quick to add that it only takes a few minutes of movement to drastically decrease your health risks.

Here at WCS, we’ve found ways to keep employees moving. Fidgeting is welcome, of course, but we also give each employee an adjustable sit/stand desk and the option of using a treadmill desk. These options have been instrumental in supporting a healthy work environment that allows all our employees, local and remote, to stay in motion during the day. We also encourage walking meetings and provide opportunities for everyone to relax, breathe, and stretch.

So whether you roll your ankles in circles, stand and stretch, tense and relax your leg muscles occasionally, or even walk while you work, everything counts—so just move!

Happy fidgeting!

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