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February is National Cancer Prevention Month. Spread the Word!

Posted by Team WCS on 02.23.2018

Did you know February is National Cancer Prevention Month? The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is running a special campaign all month to spread the word that people have the ability to lower their cancer risk.

At WCS, our team is focused on helping employees lead their fullest lives—and we’ve always believed that prevention is key to overall wellness. So we’re well aligned with AICR’s message: Almost half of the most common cancers can be prevented with healthy lifestyle habits. cancer prevention

Our clients are always looking to inspire positive behavior change at the individual level and for their organization as a whole. And many of these behavior changes relate directly to reducing cancer risk, along with a range of other mental and physical benefits. Not all of these choices have to be drastic—even making simple decisions to move more and sit less can reduce your risk.

How does WCS support cancer prevention?

Our team customizes wellness programs for companies of all shapes and sizes. Diabetes, heart disease, mindfulness, and yes, cancer prevention, have all been popular topics for our clients.

We have a long track record of helping employees with preventive health: smoking cessation, regular physical activity, sun safety, and balanced diets have long been tied to lowering your cancer risk. Our health coaching program also includes a network of registered dietitians across the country who use evidence-based methods to provide professional guidance on all of the above.

How can I spread the word?

We are all about spreading the word. (That’s also one of the reasons we help clients build wellness champion programs, which allow motivated peers to share best practices and resources to drive engagement.) We believe communication is key when it comes to health outcomes—which is why we’re excited about AICR’s campaign to spread good information far and wide.

You can also participate in National Cancer Prevention Month by signing up for AICR’s prevention checklist, which includes opportunities to share facts on social media.


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